This is the website of Paul Terence Carney, award-winning and yet tragically under-appreciated poet and prose-ist, who, in another life, did the illustrations for a book about beekeeping.  That’s Paul, in the picture up there, and this is his site.

Why is this written in the third person?  Who knows?  Is Paul delusional?  Definitely not.  We have it on reliable authority that he’s a humble and affable person.  He’s probably under the impression that this is how websites are done.  Then again, he may simply be trying to create the impression that this was done on his behalf by someone else — thereby implying that his debut poetry collection, The Empty Horizon, is shifting so many units that he can afford to pay people to do his admin for him…

Anyway, this is Paul’s site, and you are most welcome.  Please come in and have a peek about the place.  Paul’s prize-winning debut poetry collection, The Empty Horizon, was published in August 2017 by Live Canon, so, for the present, much of the site is primarily about that.  But there is, or will be, a blog, in which Paul will occasionally splurge his thoughts about literary matters and other things.  (He may even write it in the first person…)  Enjoy.   You might feel moved to leave a comment on the blog (all opinions are welcome, but please note, Paul is never at home to Mr Rude).  You may be tempted to buy a copy of The Empty Horizon.  If not, it won’t be held against you, but do please follow the links to my publishers’ website; Live Canon publish some wonderful poets, and their ensemble of actors bring the work to life in video and live performance.


Haven’t got an enemy in the world.  Too lazy to make ’em.  And if I do read my poetry to others, I’m always ready to listen to theirs.

Kenneth Grahame – Dream Days